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Informed Diner members have the opportunity to go beyond the typical dining experience. From off-the-menu creations to tips from chefs and sommeliers to kitchen tours and demonstrations, Informed Diner events provide members with the sort of extras that take a regular meal to the next level.

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Restaurant critic invites community to share his table
The Boston Globe

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Comments from our diners and our chefs

Informed Diner dinners are a great way to showcase your restaurant to truly interested diners. It's a great way for guests to experience what's 'behind the curtain', not just to have dinner. Deuxave now has regulars that were originally a part of an Informed Diner dinner. Jason Irving - General Manager/Sommelier, Deuxave

What a night! It was great to catch up with friends. But the social scene was secondary to the outstanding food and wine. That was easily one of the finest dining experiences of my life. It helps that nearly everything on the menu was among my favorite foods – oysters, beets & swordfish – but the wine pairings were so good and of such high caliber, I was blown away. Incredible setting too! A.W. - Milton, MA

Hosting and Informed Diner event is a great opportunity to showcase our restaurants and, as a chef, a chance to cook for and talk with guests who share my passion for food. Geoff Gardner - Owner/Chef, Sel de la Terre and L'Espalier

It was a great event. The Chef/owner and his team treated us like kings and the group was an interesting and fun assortment. I am actually having lunch with one of the attorneys who reached out to me after the event about doing business together...so, great times all around. J.V. - Wayland, MA

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