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I recently spent a couple of weeks eating my way through NYC and Philadelphia, and just when I thought I had a handle on each city's dining scene...a bevy of newcomers (and old-timers new to me) reminded me there are always more fantastic places to discover in each city.

One of our more colorful discoveries was Singhs Roti Shop, situated along a colorful stretch of Liberty Ave. in Queens that sits in the shadow of Laguardia Airport. Singh's cafeteria-style counter reveals a cornucopia of West Indian delights. The namesake roti did not disappoint, as the spongy, crepe-like folds were perfect for sopping up spicy curry with chicken. Next time, we'll get really adventurous and try shark, fried Bangamary, and Sea Moss drink. With numerous tiny bakeries selling Trinidadian and Guyanese delights, the surrounding neighborhood was a delightful discovery as well.



At the other end of the culinary spectrum you'll find Brooklyn's Saltie, a truly precious (too precious, some might say) sandwich shop nestled in a corner of Williamsburg. Little more than a tiny storefront with a miniscule working space in back, the shop has quickly become a hipster magnet for its award-winning creations. A must-try is the signature Scuttlebutt, a colorful, wildly flavorful combination of hard-boiled egg, house-pickled vegetables, and homemade (pink) aioli delicately balanced on incredibly puffy focaccia.



But what about Manhattan? Xian Foods is technically an import from Flushing, but we're frequent visitors to its handy new location on St. Mark's. Insanely flavorful soups and noodle dishes from Western China? Filling dishes for under $5? It's easy to see why there's usually a wait for one of the handful of seats.

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